Why go Kosher?

Consumers are extremely concerned about what they eat. They question manufacturing procedures, as well as the choice of ingredients.  A kosher symbol ensures the highest quality standards to the largest and most diverse consumer audiences.
Consumers of kosher foods include Jews, Muslims and members of other religious denominations, as well as vegetarians, the lactose intolerant, and those who believe that kosher indicates superior quality. To the consumer, kosher signifies accountability, acceptability, and excellence.

Certifying your product as kosher is an important marketing device which generates additional revenue by expanding your product’s marketability. A kosher symbol gives your product a competitive edge when supermarkets decide which brands belong on their shelves. Research has shown that a kosher symbol can boost your market share by winning more favorable shelf space. The same research shows that when a kosher product is positioned next to a competing non-kosher brand, a kosher product will do 20% better than the competing brand. Additionally, nearly 10,000 companies produce products for the kosher market and approximately 3,000 new products are introduced into the kosher market annually.

Going kosher is an investment your company makes in order to secure greater market share and profits. Buckeye Kosher encourages you to explore how products bearing the kosher symbol can be a part of your sales and marketing strategy. Take advantage of our no-obligation application and you might find that your product is indeed already kosher and you are just missing the crucial step of certification.