Buckeye Kosher does NOT recommend purchasing chometz products from Giant Eagle for 2 weeks after Passover. Liquor should not be purchased from Liquor Agency found within Giant Eagle until Shavuos.
At this time, it is ok to purchase chometz at any other retailer in the Columbus area immediately after Passover.

What is Buckeye Kosher?

What is Buckeye Kosher?

Buckeye Kosher is a team of local rabbinic leaders and lay leadership that provides kosher supervision to different food-related establishments, such as industrial food manufacturers, supermarkets, restaurants, caterers, cafeterias, and many other food-related entities.

Buckeye Kosher (operated by the Vaad Ho-ir of Columbus) is the central kosher supervision organization of Columbus, Ohio. For more than a half-century, our organization has been vested with the responsibility for providing kosher supervision to local companies, as well as the job of maintaining and improving the kosher standards within the Columbus community.


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