How to get certified

6 easy steps toward certification

1. Complete a simple one page application form. This form asks for information necessary for certification such as: products you want certified, all ingredients used in those products, and basic information about your facility(ies). Once completed, mail or fax your form to Buckeye Kosher for review.

2. A Rabbinic Coordinator will contact you to discuss the kosher certification process, answer preliminary questions, and set up a convenient time to visit your facility(ies) for an on-site inspection.

3. A Rabbinic Coordinator will visit your facility to perform an on-site inspection. This inspection gives Buckeye Kosher a comprehensive understanding of your operation and allows Buckeye Kosher to determine the feasibility of certifying your products. Depending on your operation, some modification may be required. Occasionally, there are operations that require little-to-no modification at all. Our rabbinical council will review the inspection report and determine the procedures necessary to certify your products as kosher.

4. Our office will draft a contract which will include all the requirements Buckeye Kosher needs for your kosher certification. Included in the contract will be an annual fee for the continued maintenance (see below #6) of the certification. Your fee is largely based on the nature of your facility, its location, and the number of required periodic visits.

5. Buckeye Kosher will have a Rabbinic Coordinator or field representative review whether all requirements for certification have been fulfilled. Upon completion of the signed contract and payment of certification fees, Buckeye Kosher will issue your company a certificate for the products being certified kosher. We encourage you to display your kosher certificate, which grants you the right to display our kosher symbol on your certified products.  Congratulations!

6. To maintain the highest level of kosher supervision, your company will be reviewed and inspected periodically by either a Rabbinic Coordinator or a field representative.