Buckeye Kosher does NOT recommend purchasing chometz products from Giant Eagle for 2 weeks after Passover. Liquor should not be purchased from Liquor Agency found within Giant Eagle until Shavuos.
At this time, it is ok to purchase chometz at any other retailer in the Columbus area immediately after Passover.

Important Post Passover Information

Purchasing Post Passover Chometz information.

Buckeye Kosher has determined that there is no longer a concern about a Jewish-owned distributor supplying the local Target store; consumers may purchase chometz from Target without the need to wait.

Based on reports, it is our understanding that the State Liquor Agency on Livingston is Jewish owned and liquor should not be purchased from there until Shavuos. If someone has contrary information please contact info@buckeyekosher.org

Giant Eagle is the only grocer from which Buckeye Kosher recommends not to purchase for 2 weeks after Passover.