Buckeye Kosher does NOT recommend purchasing chometz products from Giant Eagle for 2 weeks after Passover. Liquor should not be purchased from Liquor Agency found within Giant Eagle until Shavuos.
At this time, it is ok to purchase chometz at any other retailer in the Columbus area immediately after Passover.

What is kosher?

What is kosher?

Kosher is an English adaptation of the Hebrew word Ka-sher which means fit, proper, or acceptable. Kosher generally refers to food – both raw and processed – that conforms to the dietary requirements of Jewish Law.

The source for the Jewish Law that discusses Kosher originates in the Bible and is explained with great detail in the oral law (Talmud). Although these laws originated thousands of years ago, they continue to be studied and discussed by Jewish law decisors today. The ancient dietary laws are applicable to ever-changing situations in the present.



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