What is a Vaad?

The word ‘Vaad’ in Hebrew means a gathering or group. The Vaad Ho-ir (‘the group of the city’) is a team of local rabbinic leaders and lay leadership that provides kosher supervision to different food-related establishments, such as industrial food manufacturers, supermarkets, restaurants, caterers, cafeterias, and many other food-related entities.

What qualifies a product as ‘kosher’?

For a product to be considered kosher there are a number of concerns that can be subsumed under two categories – ingredients and utensils. A kosher certifying agency needs to analyze the product’s ingredients, their source, and the status of the production equipment. For example, an all-natural energy bar may consist primarily of kosher ingredients, but every ingredient, and even sub-ingredients need to be kosher as well. Therefore, even if one ingredient of the energy bar has a non-kosher coating or other non-kosher component, the kosher status of the energy bar is compromised.

Additionally, equipment used in food processing must also be ‘fit’ and ‘acceptable’ for kosher food production. Non-kosher equipment usually can be restored to a kosher state depending on how the equipment processed non-kosher items. This process is known as ka-shering.

Why should I have my product certified kosher?

Certifying your product kosher is an important marketing device which generates additional revenue by expanding your product’s marketability. A kosher symbol gives your product a competitive edge when supermarkets decide which brands belong on their shelves. Research has shown that a kosher symbol can boost your market share by winning more favorable shelf space. The same research shows that when a kosher product is positioned next to a competing non-kosher brand, a kosher product will do 20% better than the competing brand. Additionally, nearly 10,000 companies produce products for the kosher market and approximately 3,000 new products are introduced into the kosher market annually.

What is the process of going kosher?

Click on this link to see the 6 easy steps to getting certified.

How much does supervision cost?

Fees vary depending largely on the nature of your facility, its location, and the number of required periodic visits.

How do I get started?

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