ChefVet Partnership

chefvetLogoChefVet is a partnership among multiple organizations with the goal to create a first rate, sustainable, not-for profit, hands-on training entity for disabled veterans to prosper in the booming food service industry.  After going through a rigorous selection process that will help predict success, the participants will receive housing, a stipend, books & materials, as well as access to health professionals who can develop systems necessary for disabled employees’ success. These disabled veterans will receive Safeserv certification, followed by training from experienced chefs in the different aspects of working in a professional kitchen. The participants will also get career guidance with a number of facilities/organizations ready to hire graduates. By bringing all these services together under one roof, ChefVet hopes to create long-term, financially viable work opportunities, as well as coping mechanisms, for this underserved segment of the population who have given so much of themselves.

One of ChefVet’s local partners is Buckeye Kosher. Buckeye Kosher will bring its years of experience of supervising kosher kitchens and training staff in providing ChefVet participants with a seminar regarding the rules of working in a kosher kitchen as well as explaining the challenges of preparing kosher food. Buckeye Kosher staff will also review the special days on the Jewish Calendar e.g. Shabbat, Passover, etc. and the special meals and guidelines connected to them. A professional chef will present a cooking demo that will help these veterans learn the skills needed to work in a kosher kitchen.

Buckeye Kosher hopes to build this training within ChefVet into a trademarked program that can be used in any foodservice workforce development to train people in the art and skills necessary for preparing kosher meals. Any cook or chef with this training will be in high demand for caterers and facilities that serve kosher clients.